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The Area Performance Project

Working Title,  performed at  Battery Dance Festival  in 2016; Photo by Steven Pisano, featuring dancers Shiho Tanaka, Elijah Laurant, Alexandre Balmain, and Gen Hashimoto. 

Working Title, performed at Battery Dance Festival in 2016; Photo by Steven Pisano, featuring dancers Shiho Tanaka, Elijah Laurant, Alexandre Balmain, and Gen Hashimoto. 

Area Performance Project presents The Works' artistry in both traditional and non-traditional venues throughout New York City. It is a program that is supported by the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs.  The company visits approximately 15 venues each year. Although the program presents performances in traditional dance theaters, its main thrust is to extend past an exclusively proscenium theater environment to offer presentations in locations where people work, gather and play, thereby reaching a diverse audience inclusive of all walks of life, cultures and ages. 

A selection of repertory and works-in-process are presented with introductions and conversations with the audience, further broadening the company’s reach and engaging those who may not seek out dance in a traditional venue. In this way, the company hopes to awaken interest, developing new audiences for contemporary dance.

A strong component of The Works' philosophy is that the arts and the act of creativity, in all its forms, have the potential to be a force for good and lead to a more positive society.  The Works strongly believes that this initiative provides an invaluable platform to increase the awareness and appreciation of the creative power and expressive potential of dance and to communicate a respect for all people, as evidenced by the company's cross-cultural membership.

Over many years, The Works has presented performances in major theaters in NYC as well as a variety of locations including Bryant Park Festival, Children's Museum of Manhattan, Dahesh Museum, New York and Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, South Street Seaport, the Dutesco Gallery, DRA in Times Square, Javits Center, Central Park Summerstage, Barnes & Noble, and the United Nations.

Please download our information packets below for more details. Please see the current selections of repertory in the above tabs; we are able to customize the selection of works based on your venue and event.  Contact us for more!  

The Area Performance Project is, in part, supported by The Department of Cultural Affairs.  In addition, JMTW welcomes partnerships with a range of organizations, designing specific programs for individual situations and demographics. The number of performers is based on venue and schedule.

JMTW at Ivy Brown Gallery. Photo by Jeffrey Vock, featuring dancers Elise King (left) and Sonja Chung (right), as well as musicians Yut Chia and Shayne Lebron Acevedo (Yut and the Hot Four).  Video filmed and edited by Cynthia Liu.

JMTW at CENTRAL BOOKING on November 16, 2017.  Photo featuring dancers, Seiko Fujita and Gen Hashimoto.  Video filmed and edited by Cynthia Liu.