Take part in the creation of a new work by Artistic Director, Jennifer Muller.  JMTW works with both national and international companies to create, develop, and present new dance works, or to re-stage existing Muller repertory


rECENT Commissions:

2016: Interview: The Warhol Project (Absoluut Amerika) | Introdans (The Netherlands) 
(New creation)

2015: Helix Rituals | The Verdehr Trio
(New creation; Music composition by Augusta Read Thomas; Supported by O'Donnell Green Music and Dance Foundation)

2013: Bench | Introdans (The Netherlands)

2012: Spam | Da Capo Players
(New creation)

2011: The Spiral Show (China) | WAEM/Wanda Producers
(Original choreographed by Jennifer Muller



Video | Interview: The Warhol Project (2016)

Photo by Han Balk

Photo by Han Balk