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Stages of Creation: SHOCK WAVE

As we approach our 43rd Anniversary Spring Gala & Celebration, and Season at New York Live Arts this coming June, we want to take you behind the scenes for a closer look at the stages of creation of our new piece, SHOCK WAVE. Take a glimpse into Jennifer's process and her collaboration with the dancers in the studio. SHOCK WAVE will premiere at NYLA, June 12-16. SHOCK WAVE will be a collaboration with cellist composer Gordon Withers and Tony award-winning lighting designer, Jeff Croiter.

In physics, a shock wave is a cataclysmic disturbance, characterized by destructive interference and abrupt, discontinuous change. The piece Shock Wave treats this explosive impact as a symbolic event, interpreting it as a widespread, deeply felt feeling of shock caused by unexpected events. From sudden, inconceivable changes that destroy normality, the sequence of the piece proposes that “the life we expect”, when disrupted by tumultuous events can lead to emotional devastation, followed by an urgent attempt at healing
and finally arrive at the need to “battle back” in order to create a regained sense of community.

Date: Thursday, May 10th

Time: 7PM

Location: The Works Studio (131 West 24th Street, 4th Floor New York, NY 10011)

Tickets: $25 General Admission ($20 Young Professionals - at the door only)